Tenant Alterations

If you wish to make alterations to your premises, the initial step is to make an application in writing.

What to include in your application:

  • The Tenancy type and number.
  • A description of the proposed works.
  • A sketch plan showing the existing conditions and the proposed alterations (your Contractor can help you with the plan).
  • The name and contact details of your Contractor, if you have selected one.

The application must be given to the MMA Site Services Department. A staff member will review the application and respond with a Conditional Letter of Consent and a copy of the MMA Work Conditions if the application is successful. No works are to commence on site until all requested information is received by the Authority. The Authority will notify the Tenant or Contractor when the works may commence.

The MMA Site Services Department will also monitor the progress of the alterations and view completed works to ensure that the Works Conditions are met.

Alteration examples: structural alteration to a building, extend a coolroom, adding new signage, changing the stairs, extending the office, upgrading your selling area or adding a mezzanine.

Information you should include in your letter of consent

  • Building Permit, a Building Surveyor can advise on whether or not one is required.
  • Confirmation of the Availability of Power by your Electrical Contractor. The Authority requires the Tenant and their Contractors to check the power available on the supply and confirm that there is sufficient to accommodate any additional load. See Section 10 – Services of the MMA Works Conditions.
  • Structural drawing and computations for any items not covered by the Building Permit eg refrigeration compressor supports. Details of these must be submitted to the Authority.

For all queries regarding alterations to tenancies and what is possible, please contact the staff at the Melbourne Markets Site Services Department on (03) 9258 6141 or email workrequest@www.melbournemarkets.com.au.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

8AM - 4PM, MON - FRI