Locate a Trader

The Locate a Trader search function is an online business directory which list most of the wholesalers in the fruit, vegetable and flower industry at the Melbourne Markets. These contacts are provided for businesses that are registered at Melbourne Markets for wholesale trading.

Members of the public can click through to Market Fresh to find your nearest greengrocer or florist that sells produce sourced from the market.

To use the search function to locate businesses at the Melbourne Markets, you can search by:

  • Business Name
  • Category type
  • Produce type

Move your mouse cursor over the search box and click inside the box. This will present you with a blinking mouse cursor, enter a company name, or category, or produce in the search box to begin your search:

  • My fruit company (as an example for Business name)
  • Fruit or Vegetable or Flower (as an example of Category type)
  • Apple (as an example of produce type)


Melbourne Market Authority Footscray Rd West Melbourne Victoria 3003 (03) 9258 6100 info@melbournemarkets.com.au