Forklift and Scooters

Conditions for industrial vehicle registration & renewal

* Industrial vehicles include forklifts and motorized trolleys (scooters)

The Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) requires forklifts and motorized trolleys (scooters) operating in the Melbourne Markets to comply with the following:

  • Forklifts and scooters must be registered with both MMA and Vic Roads.
  • Forklifts and scooters must display a current MMA registration plate, registration expiry sticker and VicRoads registration plate.
  • Forklifts must be powered by LPG or battery, and be fitted with a 3-way catalytic converter and closed loop emission system. Petrol systems must be removed.
  • Forklifts emission levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) must be maintained at or below:
  • 2000 ppm at idle
  • 1000 ppm at full throttle
  • Scooters must be powered by LPG or petrol.
  • Scooters must be painted and fitted with reflector tape.
  • Forklifts and scooters must be maintained in a safe and mechanically sound condition at all times.
  • Any industrial vehicle brought into Melbourne Markets on a hire, loan or test basis, must have MMA permission to operate and must comply with these conditions.

Note: Owners must notify MMA when they wish to register, transfer or dispose of a vehicle operating in the Melbourne Markets.

To be registered for operation in the Melbourne Markets:

  • The forklift or scooter must pass an MMA vehicle examination by a qualified repairer and a copy of the test report must be provided.
  • A copy of current VicRoads registration must be provided.
  • New vehicles being registered for the first time require (in addition to the above):
  • a copy of the sales invoice
  • an Application for Registration to be completed.
  • the vehicle and required documentation to be presented in person to the Customer Service Centre.

Note: Posted applications will not be processed

  • When a forklift or scooter is sold, disposed of, or removed permanently from the Melbourne Markets, MMA must be advised in writing of the change.
  • Transfer and Disposal notification forms are available at the Customer Centre.

Note: All transfers must be completed with Vic Roads first and a current VicRoads registration in the name of the purchaser must be provided to transfer MMA registration.

  • Forklift / Golf Cart – Initial registration: $162.90
  • Forklift / Golf Cart – Renewal of registration (payable annually): $50.20
  • Forklift / Golf Cart – Transfer of registration (payable by purchaser) $50.20
  • Scooter – Private Operator – Renewal of registration (payable annually) $50.20
  • Scooter – Hirers – Renewal of registration (payable annually) $20.10 per scooter.

Important: The owners of industrial vehicles are warned that operating a vehicle without displaying current VicRoads and MMA registration is an offence under the MMA By-Laws, for which the penalty is a fine of $704.20.

  • A forklift or scooter may only be operated by a person who is the holder of a current certificate of competency issued by a recognised training provider. The person must also hold a current Victorian Drivers Licence. If an unlicensed or unqualified person is found to be operating a forklift or scooter, MMA may revoke the registration of the vehicle.
  • Owners and operators of vehicles must observe all MMA By-Laws, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Codes of Practice, The Road Safety Act 1986, Road Safety Procedures and Regulations 1988 at all times.
  • Any forklift brought on to MMA land as a hire, tester or replacement forklift, must have MMA permission and be compliant with the above conditions.
  • Forklifts and scooters may not be loaned, unless the business is an approved hirer of vehicles.

LPG cylinders fitted on vehicles operating in the Melbourne Markets must comply with the following requirements:

  • Cylinders must be fitted in accordance with the standard AS/NZS 1425-1999 (LP Gas Fuel Systems for Vehicle Engines) and be certified by an Authorised Engineering Signatory.
  • Cylinders must have been tested and certified within the last 10 years and be fitted with a fast-fill mechanism.
  • Cylinders must be fitted with an automatic fill limiter (AFL) valve.
  • If fitted on a counterweight, only a single bottle may be fitted,
  • If roof-mounted:
  • cylinders must not exceed mast height (with tynes on the ground),
  • cylinders must have an AFL on a fixed tank installation and be fitted with a remote fill mechanism.
  • Where dual roof-mounted, the forklift must be fitted with (in addition to the above):
  • a spring-loaded non-return valve between each bottle and the common service line.
  • a hydrostatic relief valve in the common Service line.

If you are taking your forklift to Epping you will need to advise the MMA. You can complete this form and return to the MMA now.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

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