Business Support

Fruit and Vegetable Market Business Support

Melbourne Markets provides significant support to a range of groups to deliver seasonal promotions and to support sales throughout Victoria. This work includes co-ordination of the delivery of point of sales materials through the markets state-wide retail networks, co-ordination of product tastings and promotions at major food events, development of seasonal recipes for the public, and free listings for the retailers on the marketfresh website.

Retail Development Program

There are 700 fruit and vegetable retail outlets registered with this program. Retailers receive point for sale materials promoting seasonal product and product handling tips to assist sales. Shops are also mystery shopped and provided with confidential feedback as to their performance compared to the industry average. This business feedback which covers customer service, product quality, variety and a range of merchandising issues is highly valued by retailers and has assisted retailers to improve retailing standards across Victoria. As part of the program, monthly awards are made, based on performance. Results are also used to select finalists and winners in the prestigious Retailer of the Year Awards.

The Flower Market Business Support

The Melbourne Markets supports traders with targeted promotional campaigns for major trading days. Evaluations from these campaigns indicate that the point of sale and media promotions play a key role in supporting sales for the industry. Promotional campaigns include:

  • Valentines Day
  • Mothers Day
  • Spring Racing Carnival

New Business and Marketing Initiatives

Orientation Service for new Businesses in the Fruit & Vegetable and Flower market.  Customised conducted tours are offered to assist new businesses to become familiar with the Melbourne Markets site layout, operations and services of the Market. These one to one tours assists new businesses to quickly adapt and operate within the Market environment.

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