Advisory Committees


The Hon Dr Denis Napthine MP and some Advisory Committee members, December 2011.













(L to R: David Kelly, Grant Nichol, Glynn Harvey, Vince Doria, Harry Kapiris, Stephen Wirtz, the Hon Dr Denis Napthine MP (Premier of Victoria), John Chapman, Geoff Maguire, David Wallace, Luis Gazzola,Vince Brancatisano, John Boon, Adrian Parsons and Shane Schnitzler)


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Epping Market Committee

Growers Advisory Committee

Wholesalers Advisory Committee

Flowers Advisory Committee

Retailers Advisory Committee



Stephen McArthur – Acting Chairman of MMA and Epping Market Committee.

David Wallace – Chairman (Growers)

Harry Kapiris – Chairman (Wholesalers)

Geoff Maguire – Chairman (Flowers)

Paul Ahern – Chairman (Retailers)


Meeting Dates                             Meeting Minutes

Presentation 5th February 2013

Tuesday 5th February – 7.30am               Minutes 5th February 2013

Thursday 29th March – 8.15am                Minutes 29th March 2012

Thursday 28th February – 8.00am            Minutes 28th Feb 2012





David Wallace – Chairman
Vince Doria
Luis Gazzola
David Kelly
Alec Berias
Mark Paganoni


F&V market plan

Meeting Dates                           Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday 26th March – 8.30am                 Minutes 26th March 2013

Wednesday 13th March – 8.30am           Minutes 13th March 2013

Thursday 14th February - 8.30am          Minutes 14th February 2013

Tuesday 11th December – 8.00am        Minutes 11th December 2012

Thursday 16th August – 8.30am             Minutes 16th August 2012

Thursday 26th July – 8.30am                  Minutes 26th July 2012

Tuesday 3rd July – 9.45am                     Minutes 3rd July 2012

Tuesday 26th June – 8.30am                  Minutes 26th June 2012

Friday 27th March – 9.20am                   Minutes 27th March 2012

Friday 2nd March – 8.00am                    Minutes 2nd March 2012




Harry Kapiris – Chairman
Grant Nichol
Shane Schnitzler
Vince Brancatisano
Robin Westmore


Meeting Dates                            Meeting Minutes

Thursday 3rd October – 9.00am              Minutes 3rd October 2013

Wednesday 12th December – 9.00am    Minutes 12th December 2012

Wednesday 16th November – 8.00am    Minutes 16th November 2012

Wednesday 7th November – 8.00am      Minutes 7th November 2012

Friday 24th August – 8.30am                   Minutes 24th August 2012

Wednesday 11th July – 8.30am               Minutes 11th July 2012

Tuesday 3rd July – 8.30am                      Minutes 3rd July 2012

Monday 25th June – 8.00am                    Minutes 25th June 2012

Tuesday 27th March – 10.30am              Minutes 27th March 2012

Thursday 8th March – 9.00am                 Minutes 8th March 2012




Geoff Maguire – Chairman
Philip Mays
Greg Duffy
John Boon
Adrian Parsons


Flower market at Epping

Indicative layout at Epping

Current flower market layout


Meeting Dates                             Meeting Minutes

Thursday 2nd May 2013 – 8.00am             Minutes 2nd May 2013

Thursday 16th April 2013 – 8.10am           Minutes 16th April 2013

Thursday 4th April 2013 - 7.30am              Minutes 4th April 2013

Thursday 7th March 2013 - 7.30am           Minutes 7th March 2013

Tuesday 22th January – 7.45am                Minutes 22th January 2013

Tuesday 8th January – 8.00am                  Minutes 8th January 2013

Thursday 16th August – 7.40am                Minutes 16th August 2012

Friday 26th July – 7.30am                          Minutes 26th July 2012

Tuesday 3rd July – 7.30am                        Minutes 3rd July 2012

Tuesday  26th June – 7.30am                   Minutes 26th June 2012

Tuesday  27th March – 8.00am                 Minutes 27th March 2012

Tuesday  6th March – 8.00am                   Minutes 6th March 2012



Paul Ahern – Chairman
Glynn Harvey
Trevor Wilson
John Chapman
John Psarakos


Meeting Dates                             Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 20th February – 09.30am     Minutes 20th February 2013

Wednesday, 11th April – 11.25am             Minutes 11th April 2012

Tuesday, 6th April – 9:30am                      Minutes 6th April 2012




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