Here you will find information on the people and organisations responsible for running the Melbourne Markets. You will also find copies of the documents that govern the operations of the Markets, such as the Melbourne Market By-Laws and the Melbourne Markets annual reports .

About Melbourne Market Authority

The Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) consists of a five member Board, each appointed by the Minister for Major Projects under the provisions of the Melbourne Market Act 1977, which also stipulates the objectives and functions of the Authority. The Authority is supported by a management and staff team who are responsible for the day to day operations of the MMA.


The Objectives of the MMA are to:

  • Provide a commercially viable wholesale facility for the efficient distribution of fresh produce;
  • Optimize returns on land and assets controlled and managed by the Authority;
  • Ensure a fair and competitive environment for the wholesale trading of produce.

The functions of the Melbourne Market Authority are to:

  • Control, maintain and manage the Melbourne Markets site;
  • Promote the use of the facilities of the Melbourne Markets site
  • Provide advice and information to the Minister on matters relating to the Market and its use by industry and on industry related matters generally;
  • Do all things necessary or convenient to enable the Authority to achieve its objects; and
  • Do all things the Authority is authorised or required to do under this or any other Act or law.

Our Corporate Vision is:

To operate a wholesale market that is recognised for its excellence and industry leadership, and which is a preferred venue for the sale and distribution of fresh produce and flowers.

Our Corporate Mission is:

To provide quality facilities and services that support sales, distribution and value-adding of fresh produce and flowers, and to work with our market community and the Victorian Government to transfer market activity from the current Footscray Road site to the new market at Cooper Street, Epping.


The Melbourne Market Authority is a values-based organization. The way in which our shareholder, customers, suppliers and the people of Victoria are treated is governed by these values. These values also govern how we treat one another within the Melbourne Market authority. The values are supported by a Code of Conduct and are incorporated into everything that we do.

Our values govern the way in which we recruit, train, appraise and recognize all employees, and the way in which we plan and manage our responsibilities. The values that guide the Melbourne Market Authority are:

Customer Focus

We recognize the importance of our customers to the success of our business and will work in consultation with them to ensure that our facilities and services meet their needs and support their business viability and growth. Our customers are the businesses that trade in or through Melbourne Markets. They include growers, retailers, wholesalers and those businesses that support trading.

Communications and Cooperation

We communicate openly and honestly throughout the Melbourne Market Authority and provide quality services to our customers using processes that cross the organization.

Honesty and Integrity

In everything we do, we act with honesty and integrity.

Leadership and Innovation

We encourage innovation and initiative so that we may add value to our customers and position the Melbourne Markets to take a leadership role in issues affecting the industry.

Management by Fact

Decision-making is based on facts and information. Research and analysis is important in conducting our business.

Respect for others

We treat our customers, suppliers and one another with respect and dignity. We value the principles of equity and diversity, and our workplace is free from harassment of all types.

Safety and Healthy workforce

We strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all people who work within the Melbourne Markets.


We value the input and participation of all employees and recognize the benefits that teamwork offers. We work in partnership with our customers, suppliers and industry groups.

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