If you have ever wanted to know more about fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers including what’s in season, how to prepare and use different varieties, or where you can find a specialist greengrocer or florist, just click onto www.marketfresh.com.au.

This comprehensive site has been designed as a reference for the public and industry. It’s available 24 hours per day and is free and simple to use. The site is also designed to educate children about the importance of fruit and vegetables in their diets and the processes involved in bringing fresh produce to their home.

Market Fresh is your Australian guide to fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is also the most comprehensive reference guide of its kind in Australia and is used worldwide by a variety of industry user groups including growers, wholesalers, retailers and exporters. It is also used extensively by universities, health personnel, food media and government agencies. The children’s young explorer section on the site is extremely popular with children and is used in many primary schools.

Marketfresh includes:

  • A-Z fruit, vegetable and flower guide. A complete reference with photos.
  • Searchable guide by postcode to florists and greengrocers that sell market fresh produce
  • Hundreds of recipes created by some of Australia’s best known chefs.
  • Professional food preparation video demonstrations.
  • Healthy eating activities and games for kids.
  • Information on children’s school and nutrition programs.
  • Flower guide to events such as Valentine’s Day, Spring Racing and Weddings.
  • Flower facts, the language of flowers, and information on edible and non-edible flowers.
  • Export information and contacts.


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